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Monday, 18 February 2013

Vintage Muslimah

Salam, the other day I was with my family doing a bit of shopping in glasgows west end. On Byers road there are alot of vintage/antique shops, which I love! What I did notice whilst shopping is the amount of halalified clothes there are. such as these two dresses below.

Both are maxi with long sleeves and round neck which more or less serves as hijab. The one my dad is holding I didnt buy as it was too small for me but the darker green once I wore the other day with a top underneath and my hijab. That picture dosent do it justice as the dress was quite flared and was loose enough on me.

Therfore although you can buy abayas etc from islamic shops and get maxi skirts, flared trousers, long tops etc from high street, dont knock the vintage shops as most of the clothes from the 60s and 70s etc was flared maxi dresses and jumpsuits etc, gypsy blouses and tunic tops that cover your behind. So InshAllah you will find some good buys.

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  1. i remember you!!
    u were in the make me a muslim documentary? right?