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I am a revert muslim who wants to share with the world my experience of reverting in the UK- Including the highs and lows. Please feel free to comment and share

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Islam Awareness Week

Well yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Islam Awareness Week. The launch was very successful with entertainment from a local school, adding 'what we have in common' tags to the common tree and looking at the posters and displays in the exhibition. What topped it off was the mosque tour and ballon release

Monday, 18 February 2013

Vintage Muslimah

Salam, the other day I was with my family doing a bit of shopping in glasgows west end. On Byers road there are alot of vintage/antique shops, which I love! What I did notice whilst shopping is the amount of halalified clothes there are. such as these two dresses below.

Both are maxi with long sleeves and round neck which more or less serves as hijab. The one my dad is holding I didnt buy as it was too small for me but the darker green once I wore the other day with a top underneath and my hijab. That picture dosent do it justice as the dress was quite flared and was loose enough on me.

Therfore although you can buy abayas etc from islamic shops and get maxi skirts, flared trousers, long tops etc from high street, dont knock the vintage shops as most of the clothes from the 60s and 70s etc was flared maxi dresses and jumpsuits etc, gypsy blouses and tunic tops that cover your behind. So InshAllah you will find some good buys.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Ultimate out and about Muslim kit

Well the fact of the matter is, muslims who live in a non Islamic country have a slightly harder life than those that do. So from my experience, of trying to live the best halalified life possible I've put together this kit to make life a bit easier.

1 tea towel

I once did wudu (ritual washing before prayer) in a public toilet, so since my hand face and feet were soaking I tried my best to dry myself with toilet paper, I spent the next 20 mins picking toilet paper off my face, so I would advise to take a tea towel or small face flannel in your bag.

2 prayer mat

A plastic fold away prayer mat enables you to pray anywhere on a clean surface.

3 wudu mate

If you google 'wudu mate' you can get this handy plastic fold away jug which enables you to do istinja (washing the private parts after the toilet) more easily and discrete.

4 quibla direction compass

Incase you have a dead battery therefore cant use the quibla app on the phone, then get a keychain quibla compass that you can also use anywhere in the world.

5 mobile phone

A phone that ha apps is the best friend for a Muslim, first of all you can get apps that will play the adhan when it's time to pray, apps that teach you how to pray, apps that have the quibla direction on it. Also most importantly you can download the Quran and supplications.

Unfortunately brothers you won't have a Mary poppins bag to carry all this stuff so just get your wife to put it in her bag, so all the family can use them inshallah

Saturday, 9 February 2013

You can be fat under your abaya!

Yes I've said it, you can be fat under your abaya, because no one will see!

I have just sat down in a friends house and picked up a copy of 'woman' which If you don't know has celebrity gossip, fashion, makeup, diets and all that jazz.

Now, after looking at all the skinny celebs and diet tricks etc I now feel depressed and want to go on a diet.

Before I wore hijab I felt the exact same, I always said to myself, aww look at how beautiful she is, why can't I be skinny, I wish my hair looked like that, I want her legs! The wanting list was endless.

But now that I'm wearing hijab I had no need to buy these magazines as I thought what's the point, they just advertise unhalalified clothes anyway. So, over the past few months I've not had to pine over other woman's bodies.

Alhamdolilah for Islam, I don't need to compare myself to these woman as when I go out in hijab no one is looking at me to judge If I'm a size bigger than Rihanna or not.

I didn't realise how positive my self confidence and self esteem has improved over these past few months, it wasn't until just now I have understood it.

Monday, 4 February 2013

To Hijabify or not to Hijabify

So Ive been a full time Hijabi since Ramadan last year, Alhamdolah.

I used to wear my hijab after I converted when I went to places that nobody knew me or wouldn't recognise me also at Islamc classes or seeing my muslim friends but not constantly every day like I'm doing now.

When I first started wearing it I felt really embarrased and constantly thought that everyone was staring at me. I felt like I had this big neon sign on my head saying MUSLIM! which took time on getting used to wearing it in public. Ive found that to reduce the stares I try not to wear dark colors so that I fit in a bit with western culture. I feel that if I was to wear dark colors and a black hijab etc it would make me more of a target for abuse/racism.

I didnt feel like a proper muslim until I started wearing hijab, without hijab (or without anyone knowing I was a muslim) everyone treated me the same, they talked about social events, boyfriends, drinking etc. but as soon as I started wearing hijab and 'came out', topics that my friends would usually talk about stopped. I got the impression that they didnt feel comfortable talking about it with me or even infront of me as I think I looked to them like a nun. And I was just this woman wearing a hijab who didnt like shopping, going to the cinema, or doing fun things.

As I reflect on the fact that I was pushed out of my friends circles I think it has actually been a blessing in disguise as ive not fell into the trap of gossiping and backbiting (especially at college).

- It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
-Prevents you from getting the cold
-Stops your hair going in your face when its windy
-Since you dont touch your hair all day and make it greasy you only need to watch it once a week
-Non muslim men are not interested in you or look at you (like they would if you were without hijab)

-If you prepare your outfit wrong you can end up being too hot in hijab (but remember Hell will be hotter :P)
-Makes your hair a bit flat when you take it off
-Unfortunately if you wear hijab and you are a revert you actually get more brothers looking at you because you are wearing hijab .

At the end of they day wearing hijab can be a very big step which I feel very strongly that a sister should wear hijab when she feels ready and confident in herself. It really is easier to wear less clothes than it is to cover up.

My duas for all the Sisters who have jihad with wearing hijab.

Friday, 1 February 2013

In the mosque, don't look up!

This happened to me only a few months ago. I had learned to pray at home and felt confident going to a mosque which was occupied by a lot of different Muslims. (Not the one I usually go to which is small and mostly only reverts attend.)

I was a bit nervous as there were a lot more brothers and I still haven't mastered the 'lower your gaze' (not that I was trying to look,it's just a skill you need to master if your not used to it.)

So there I was my FIRST time going for Friday jumma even though I converted a year before. I'm really glad I didn't take my bag as there was no where to put it.

As it was absolutely mobbed I dunked my shoes and rushed in so I didn't miss anything. 'Oh no!' It's all in Arabic/Urdu I don't understand what's being said. I observed everyone and realised that obviously the prayer haven't been as everyone was still here. But I was wondering why some women were praying and others were not. (I now know you are supposed to do two rakat when you enter the mosque)

So, do I pray or not pray I thought. Oh well I'll do Sunna prayers that must be what they are doing.

As I was on the ground,head on the floor. The sister in front of me was leaning over during her prayer (ruku I think it's called). What did I do?

I raised off the ground and my head went right up her abaya!!!!

Thank god she didn't turn round and make a deal out of it.

Safe to say the most mortifying moment of my life!

Your opinion counts!

So what did you all think of the make me a muslim? What did u like (or not like) about the programme?

Make Me A Muslim

As Salam-Aleicom everyone.

I have decided to create a blog to speak to everyone who has contacted me over the last two days about the BBC 3 programme 'Make me a muslim'.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about the programme, or my reversion, etc and I will InshaAllah (God Willing) get back to you ASAP.

Thankyou everyone who has given me sooooo much support and love.

Peace and Love- The Halalified girl x