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Monday, 4 February 2013

To Hijabify or not to Hijabify

So Ive been a full time Hijabi since Ramadan last year, Alhamdolah.

I used to wear my hijab after I converted when I went to places that nobody knew me or wouldn't recognise me also at Islamc classes or seeing my muslim friends but not constantly every day like I'm doing now.

When I first started wearing it I felt really embarrased and constantly thought that everyone was staring at me. I felt like I had this big neon sign on my head saying MUSLIM! which took time on getting used to wearing it in public. Ive found that to reduce the stares I try not to wear dark colors so that I fit in a bit with western culture. I feel that if I was to wear dark colors and a black hijab etc it would make me more of a target for abuse/racism.

I didnt feel like a proper muslim until I started wearing hijab, without hijab (or without anyone knowing I was a muslim) everyone treated me the same, they talked about social events, boyfriends, drinking etc. but as soon as I started wearing hijab and 'came out', topics that my friends would usually talk about stopped. I got the impression that they didnt feel comfortable talking about it with me or even infront of me as I think I looked to them like a nun. And I was just this woman wearing a hijab who didnt like shopping, going to the cinema, or doing fun things.

As I reflect on the fact that I was pushed out of my friends circles I think it has actually been a blessing in disguise as ive not fell into the trap of gossiping and backbiting (especially at college).

- It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
-Prevents you from getting the cold
-Stops your hair going in your face when its windy
-Since you dont touch your hair all day and make it greasy you only need to watch it once a week
-Non muslim men are not interested in you or look at you (like they would if you were without hijab)

-If you prepare your outfit wrong you can end up being too hot in hijab (but remember Hell will be hotter :P)
-Makes your hair a bit flat when you take it off
-Unfortunately if you wear hijab and you are a revert you actually get more brothers looking at you because you are wearing hijab .

At the end of they day wearing hijab can be a very big step which I feel very strongly that a sister should wear hijab when she feels ready and confident in herself. It really is easier to wear less clothes than it is to cover up.

My duas for all the Sisters who have jihad with wearing hijab.


  1. Hahah I remember when I started wearing mine. I noticed that my hairline was receding.. I feel soo naked without it though, my ears and neck feel so cold without it. I'm sure you know what i mean =P

    1. Salam, yeah I sure do, but its like a security blanket now lol

  2. This reminds me when I visited the local masjid with our church group and had to wear hijab. After two hours I felt so hot, I though my brain was going to boil! LOL
    I got outside the masjid and literally had to pull my hijab off my head to cool down.
    Did any of you feel like that when you started wearing hijab?