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Friday, 1 February 2013

In the mosque, don't look up!

This happened to me only a few months ago. I had learned to pray at home and felt confident going to a mosque which was occupied by a lot of different Muslims. (Not the one I usually go to which is small and mostly only reverts attend.)

I was a bit nervous as there were a lot more brothers and I still haven't mastered the 'lower your gaze' (not that I was trying to look,it's just a skill you need to master if your not used to it.)

So there I was my FIRST time going for Friday jumma even though I converted a year before. I'm really glad I didn't take my bag as there was no where to put it.

As it was absolutely mobbed I dunked my shoes and rushed in so I didn't miss anything. 'Oh no!' It's all in Arabic/Urdu I don't understand what's being said. I observed everyone and realised that obviously the prayer haven't been as everyone was still here. But I was wondering why some women were praying and others were not. (I now know you are supposed to do two rakat when you enter the mosque)

So, do I pray or not pray I thought. Oh well I'll do Sunna prayers that must be what they are doing.

As I was on the ground,head on the floor. The sister in front of me was leaning over during her prayer (ruku I think it's called). What did I do?

I raised off the ground and my head went right up her abaya!!!!

Thank god she didn't turn round and make a deal out of it.

Safe to say the most mortifying moment of my life!


  1. I accidentally sat on someone's feet when we were coming out of was packed...and then made it worse by apologising and she shushed me ...mortified..!

    1. lol, oh no! I think everyones probably had something like this happen to them ;s